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We are a small friendly club offering a range of activities for dogs of all ages. We run basic training classes from our man's best friend program right through to our Agility &  Rally O. Programs.

We teach and promote positive reward-based training.

New members are always welcome, the club holds new member beginner classes regularly. These classes run for 5 weeks and give both dog and handler an excellent introduction to training.  At the end of the classes, all dogs undertake an assessment of their learning and on successful completion receive a 'mans best friend' certificate.   

To discuss membership and/or beginner classes please contact our lead trainer Kathy Volkmer. 

Phone: 03 5755 1264 or email: [email protected]


To apply for membership, please copy and paste the membership application form into a word document:



         PO BOX 168
         MYRTLEFORD VIC 3736

Please download and complete this form to apply for membership.  The completed form can be emailed to one the following people:

Lead Trainer Kathy Volkmer:  [email protected]

Secretary Chloe Wood:  [email protected]

President Lesley Sanderson:  [email protected]


        I wish to apply for membership of Ovens Valley Canine Club Inc.


Name_________________________________     VCA Number (if applicable) ___________

Address_______________________________     Dogs Name________________________

Town_________________________________     Breed_____________________________

Postcode _________                                           C5 Vaccination Date _________________   

Ph No_________________      Mobile_______________________

Email (clearly please) _______________________________________________________


Upon a nomination being referred to the Committee, the Committee shall determine whether to approve or to reject the nomination at the next committee meeting (2011, The Rules and Statement of Purposes for Ovens Valley Canine Club Inc. Clause 3.4 & 3.5). In the event of the application being refused such subscription shall be refunded to the applicant.







All new members must complete the New Members Program


New Members classes run for 5 weeks and it is strongly advised that you do not miss a class as there are limited opportunities to make up this lost class.



Fees are as follows:


Membership Fee


Beginners Program Fee


Non VCA Member Insurance

$  8.00

Total Fee








Fees are payable prior to first class.  Direct bank deposit is the preferred option, our bank details are:


BSB: 803 070

Account Number:  39946


Please ensure you use your name and ‘beginners’ as the deposit information.


If you are unable to use direct bank deposit then fees may be paid in cash or by cheque PRIOR to the first beginner’s class.


Annual membership runs from January to December each year.  New members joining after 1st September will have their membership rolled over to the following year



Signature ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________       Date_______________________




Date received ___________________    Amount Received ____________________


Cash / Cheque / Direct Deposit          Receipt Number ______________________


Vaccination Certificate sighted _________________








I, ____________________________________, member/ parent / legal guardian of the member named below, agree/do not agree to provide permission for the photographic, website, video, Facebook or any other form of electronic recording of the named member for use in the Club Newsletter, Website and Social Media as well as any other media such as the local newspaper.  

I acknowledge and agree that ownership of any photographic, website, video, Facebook or any other form of electronic recording be retained by Ovens Valley Canine Club Incorporated.

I authorise the use or reproduction of any recording referred to above for any reasonable purpose as indicated above, within the discretion of Ovens Valley Canine Club Incorporation without acknowledgment and without being entitled to remuneration or compensation.

I understand and agree that if I wish to withdraw this authorisation, it will be my responsibility to inform Ovens Valley Canine Club Incorporation committee of management in writing.




Date ___ /___ /____        Signature_______________________________


(Member / Parent / Legal Guardian)


Name of Member   ___________________________________________


Email Address_______________________________________________


 Contact Telephone Number_____________________________________







Contact Details
Myrtleford, VIC, Australia
Phone : 03 5755 1264
Email : [email protected]

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