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OVCC. hosted a Country link jump dog trial at our training grounds for the first time, this year.
The weather was beautifull, the grounds in perfect condition and everyone enjoyed themselved immensely.
Some of the participants chose to camp-over and make a week-end of it.

We held the trial in the morning, had a break for lunch then walked down to the river for the dogs to have a swim & cool off.

Some action Pictures of the day


Helen & Jip                                                            Judy & Cooee                                                                                   Julie & Jasper


                                               Patricia & Raglan                             Neilma & Hamish                                                  


Di running Kevin's Bronson                                           Sharon & Mia                                                                  

THEN THE AFTER PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!











Two of our members and treir dogs travelled to Wandong on Saturdayfor trial practice and had a great day.
Really worth the drive, lovely weather, great people, very enjoyable.

 Both Jenny & Rosie had a ball.


Jackie was "flying"   Colleen very happy with her run.

Another date to watch out for in 2015 calendar



 A number of our members travelled to Shepparton to once again enjoy their annual fun day.
Beautifull weather and a most enjoyable day


Relaxing in the sunshine & enjoying the day                    Sit & stay exercise  both  Heidi and MacKenzie show how they have paid attention to their training.


Drop stays  -  perfect again                                                                            Presentations


Jacki O  looking good draped in her ribbon                                        and   Hamish  " doing a runner  again"!!!!




Several of our club members have decided to train our dogs ( and ourselves ) to compete in an Endurance test mid year.

Here are some of our efforts.

 first we must pump our tyres     a small hiccup

  Whats this ????              Tah Dah  !!!    Bit like a circus !

  " I'll just keep well away till you get yourself sorted"         On our way


Follow us, this is the way to do it.






Wangaratta River Walk




all in for a swim                                 fetch the stick                                          I got it 



quiet please we're fishing                      hang on I think I saw something                   hurry up throw the stick



Chillin out by the river                                     Did someone say coffee time                                      refreshments       


Wodonga - Sumsion Gardens


Heidi sitting pretty                 Macca on the A frame              Tia on A frame



oz on A frame                           me too                                                        one at a time you two


the start of something big                      something big                     and getting bigger
















Our "OVENS CANINE VISITING FRIENDS"   is up and running, with  visits to:

Saint John's Nursing Home in Wangaratta and  Hawthorn Village  in Bright.

The dogs are proving to be very popular with the residents, they  look forward to the visits.

Our visiting friends include:

Gail with MacGyver,   Jenni with Ossie & Mia,   Kathy with Bella,   Val with Ben,

Neilma with Hamish,   Gabrielle with Marney,   Sylvia with Heidi,   Bill with Buster

and Dianne with Tim


                        Having a look around                                                   Ozzie & Mia  at S'Js

       Induction day   Hamish visiting a friend at S'Js









                                                                                                                                      Chilling by the river on a hot morning



                                                                                                     Doggie play time




The following weekend we visited Bright










Wodonga Sumsion Gardens was our next destination

With a lovely walk around the lake

(We said "AROUND THE LAKE" Hamish not through it!)


 Waiting to start our walk               Gail & NcGyver checking out 
                                                                                                                                                         the information

  I can see a duck I can see a duck!      This is fun!   


                                                                   Okay I'm Here, now what?                                                                                      Don't worry Mia, we wont let you fall!

 Refreshment time




Beautiful  Beechworth was the final of our 2013 summer  walks

organized by two of our younger members.

We met in the car park at the Chinese Gardens, strolled through the gardens

and surrounding park where several of our members along with their dogs

attempted to use  some of the playground equipment.

We then walked our around the lake which unfortunately was rather low due to the leak in the wall.

The path around the lake was quite trying at times but we soldiered on and made our way back to our cars.

Refreshments this time were at the Queen Victoria Park.




Gail & McGyver contemplating the slide down                                   "Whew" made it, lets have a cuddle.

    Organization !!!!!                  All clear!                                                                                                                             







Wishing all our members both human and canine



 ~~~~~~ We have done it at last !!!!!! ~~~~~~

( "With a little help from our friend)



















Ovens Valley  Club  Sleepover Training Day & Working Bee

 Date March the 8, 9th /3/14



9.00 am to  5.00 pm continual

Agility Course available for training.


9.00 am to 5.00 pm continual Rally O Courses available for training.


9.30 -10.30 ET. Work shop, Tips for safely when training, VCA rules for ET title and bring your own bike.


11.30-12.00 Clicker work shop. How to use a clicker to improve performance.   


12.00 –1.00 pm picnic lunch under the trees. 


 2.00 -pm Fly ball team practice  (If not too hot)


5.30- 4.00 pm Happy  Hour 


6.30 pm Tea Time    (all in )


7.30 pm-8.00 pm  Passed club dog training DVDs  in club house

 Late  Night – Moon light street walk



8.00 am to 11.30 am continual agility course.


8.00 am to 11.30 pm continual Rally O courses.


8.00-am. Working Bee club shed tidy


9.30- 10.15  Obedience demonstration Senior class.


10.15 -11.00  Socialization, behaviour management training.


11.pm Morning tea and raffle  & instructors meeting


Pack up and home


Saturday gold coin donation for each activity.

RSVP by club  e- mail 

[email protected]


Bring your own everything- camping on grounds -Swags are permitted in the club house -other accommodation Myrtleford Caravan Park. Club house available for food /storage and cooking, Shower at the toilet block or camp shower.

Note- Our agility equipment is not to full competition size- VCA rules apply.

Contact Details
Myrtleford, VIC, Australia
Phone : 03 5755 1264
Email : [email protected]

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