Guidelines for the Resumption of Training

Guidelines for the Resumption of Training
at Dogs Victoria Affiliated Obedience Clubs
Prepared by the Obedience Tracking and Endurance Committee
Of Dogs Victoria
Updated November 1st 2020

Note: In this document “sanitise” will refer to the use of hand sanitiser by people and
“clean” will refer to disinfection of surface and physical objects, including trial equipment.
According to the DHHS Restricted Activity Directions (No 19) the following definition applies:
To clean for the purposes of this direction, a person must wipe the surface with a
(a) the label of which states a claim by the manufacturer that the disinfectant has antiviral
properties; or
(b) made by a person according to instructions issued by the Department of Health and
Human Services
This document assumes that club rooms are in use. This is not currently permitted under the
General Principles
• Everyone must wear masks
• All attendees must maintain social distancing and use hand sanitiser. Symptomatic
persons and their close contacts must self-exclude.
• Training MUST BE contactless – including sign-in procedures and the use of
• Class sizes are limited. In the metropolitan area the maximum number is 10 plus one
Instructor. Regional areas are permitted to have up to 20 plus an Instructor. It is
important to check with your local council what limits they are enforcing. Some
members must be turned away if numbers exceed the maximum amount. Consider
not permitting additional family members to attend. Full details can be found here.
• Some clubs may elect to vary classes and start times to accommodate these
Before resuming Classes
• Please contact your local council and ensure that you have complied with their
regulations and procedures.
• Each club should appoint a Covid safe officer to be responsible to ensure that all
procedures are carried out properly and that records are kept.
• Inform members of the new procedures.
• Clearly brief all instructors and other volunteers of their responsibilities.
• Ensure that there is a clear communication strategy between the committee,
instructors, volunteers and members so that procedures are followed.
Signing-in or Attendance of Members
• Avoid areas of “mass meeting” or members congregating together.
• Signing in must be contactless.
• A record MUST be kept of the name, mobile phone number, arrival and departure
time of EVERY person in attendance for contact tracing purposes. Recording of first
names is sufficient in accordance with government guidelines.
• Everyone entering the area must be asked or a poster must be displayed asking:
Have you returned from overseas or been in contact with anyone who has
returned from overseas in the last 14 days?
Have you been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or is being tested for
Do you have any of the following symptoms – fever, cough, runny nose?
If they answer yes to any of these questions they must be not enter.
• A monitor will need to complete attendance and contact tracing forms whilst
maintaining social distancing. This could happen after classes have started.
• Name tags – consider owners taking them home rather than collecting them if this is
your practice. If name tags are kept at the club they MUST be cleaned after every
training session.
• Volunteers need to bring their own pen and clipboard or if using club equipment this
MUST be cleaned after use.
• Every effort must be made to have contactless payments.
• Consider collecting weekly payments in class groups to avoid queues at check-in.
New Membership/Renewals
• Set up a suitable social distancing area.
• Pens are to be used ONCE then cleaned.
• Consider using electronic payments in advance.
Start/End Classes
• Check that the group is not larger than the approved number. This may vary from
one council to another. Regional areas currently have a larger number.
• The number of groups permitted at any one time may vary depending on council
Mark out social distancing with cones or spray paint on the grass. If using cones they
must be handled by ONE person and cleaned after use. Ensure sufficient distance
between classes.
• Ensure that everyone’s name and arrival/departure time has been recorded on the
page.
• Ensure hand sanitiser is used.
• Ensure that people leave promptly to allow subsequent classes to start.
Access to Grounds
Clubs need to ensure that the maximum number of people on the ground as regulated by
the government is not exceeded. This may involve limiting attendance by extended family
members and monitoring casual attendance by members of the general public.
Access to Club Rooms
Access to the toilets ONLY is permitted under the Restricted Activity Directions (No 19)
bulletin. No other use of the building is permitted.
All facilities and equipment must be cleaned according to government protocols.
Extracts from relevant government documents:
1. Calculations for the number of people permitted in club rooms:
Maximum numbers of people permitted in indoor spaces
The Restricted Activity Directions (No 9) issued by the Deputy Chief Health Officer (Victoria)
and applying from midnight on 31 May 2020 (and remain unchanged) state that the
maximum number of members of the public permitted in each indoor space is the lesser of:
(a) the number permitted by the density quotient; or
(b) 20
The density quotient of a given indoor space is the area of the space in square meters
divided by four. For example, if an indoor space is 8.5 meters and long and 4.5 meters wide
its total rea is 38.25 square meters. Its density quotient is 9.56. No more than 9 members of
the public would be permitted to be in this space at one time.
(Reference dhhs.vic.gov.au latest Restricted Activity Directions)
2. Extract from Victorian Community Sport and recreation Organisations Guidance
and Return to Play Plan link
Outdoor sport facilities - such as golf courses, tennis courts and lawn bowl greens - can open
• people can exercise outside
• equipment is cleaned and disinfected between users
• no indoor facilities or shared facilities (except communal change rooms and toilets)
are used
• people can keep at least 1.5 metres distance between each other
• groups must be limited to ten people, unless your household is greater than ten
people. More than 10 people can be at a facility if each group can maintain a
reasonable distance from each other.
Sport and Recreation – Get Ready to Play
Return to Sport - Sport Aus/AIS
DHSS restrictions
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